Wavian Jerry Cans

To all those that use metal jerry cans or other metal gas cans… How do you store them after you’ve emptied the gas? I just used my can for the first time on a trip. Do I just dry it out and seal it? Or should I wash it out? I really don’t know. I’d love some guidance.


Fill it back up and put it in the garage. Always good to have some emergency fuel on hand. Use it within 6 months and repeat the process again.

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like gas for the lawnmower. fill it in spring and what doesn’t get used by fall goes in a car

Throw the entire thing into the ocean, gas, can, everything. Crack a Coor’s Banquet. Problem resolved.


Everyone that I know only fill them at the last stop before going remote. Once your tank has space, you put it in the tank. This way your fuel gauge is how much gas you have left and this avoids any spills, leaks, or stale gas.

Then when you get home, we vent them and let whatever little evaporate, close up and store empty.