What color panels did/ would you pick?

The title says it all. What panel color did you pick or will you pick? Also for what reasons did you go that route?

Silver. I was back and forth between that and the OD green. This will be close but not exact match my trucks paint. Black was my 3rd choice but I hope the silver is a bit less hot in the sun.

one reason to chose black is it will go with about any truck color if you get a new truck or bigger market for selling to someone else. I have a silver Ram truck and was happy to find a black camper. If I was buying new I might have went with silver or gray but really like how the black looks on the silver. Like was posted above silver might be cooler but the tops are already white so that helps. A person could have it wrapped as well.

I’m opting for a wrap option for sure. As I wait I’m researching how to do the wrap myself. Since the GFC is pretty flat it should be pretty straight forward and rolls of 3m vinyl wrap are pretty affordable.

When I thought I was getting a V1 I wanted the orange space frame and gray panels. I really liked the lighter shade of gray the V1 had.

Once I got my color samples for the V2 none of the colors really called to me. I debated between the white and black but decided on the black because it gives the whole package such a clean cohesive look. After all, the top extrusions are black for all panel colors. Here’s mine at the install a week and a half ago.


I never thought about wrapping. That may be a perfect option if I hate the color. I love the green and blue color samples and really anticipated going with one of them. That said I have come to the same conclusion that black would be best resale.

being I scored mine used I was not able to chose colors and my frame is bright red. I was a bit worried about that buy just enough of it shows that it really pops closed up and looks even better in my opinion when the sides are open.

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Just picked mine up Yesterday. For lovers of the old Windows 3.x Hotdog Stand color theme, red dare and tangerine dream is a fun combination!

This gloss red finish is very handsome. I was a little skeptical that it would work, but it does, and glad I did.

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Very cool. I bet the installers were excited to see that color too!


My wife and I were just talking about this combo today! Would love to see more pics!

Ha! Just saw this thread. My choice was a little boring, I suppose. I have a V1 so my info may not even be relevant. I have the orange frame with the white panels. It all sits on a silver tacoma. Looks great, IMO. I chose white mostly for the heat deflection. I chose frame orange because it’s just awesome. I get more compliments on the frame than anything else.

Anyway, that’s what I did. Bitchin’.



A couple more pics. New user so pardon the multiple posts.

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Matches the sheets nicely! And doggo seems to like it as well.
The gloss finish I think helps to make it look bigger on the inside closed up too as it provides a bit of a mirror/light reflection.

Delivery pic. Next week theres another of this color combo to be installed. Fire engine red isn’t what one could call subtle, but with the cross bars and the black latches, it actually looks kinda official and just some commercial equipment closed up. The Sirch and Rascue Gambler500 stickers also somehow make it look officially unofficial.

Sorry for the slow feedback. I don’t frequent the forum often. I chose black for my V1 (for aesthetic reasons) but in hind-sight I wish I had chosen white. I live in NorCal where it gets hot in the summer and I take my rig into the desert often. The panels on my V1 get so hot you cannot touch them for more than a second. I have an infrared thermometer and regularly get readings of over 170 degrees fahrenheit on a sunlit panel. I suspect that is one of the reasons why all three of my original hinges failed within six months of ownership (they got cooked). I’ve insulated the interior of the panels with Reach Barrier bubble insulation and that has dramatically helped reduced the temp inside the camper. Perhaps if I lived up in Montana or BC and did a lot of winter camping I’d appreciate them more. :slight_smile:


I chose tornado gray for my white tacoma. I was debating between black or white, but for summer camping, I didnt want black. I also didnt choose white because I dont want my truck to look like a work truck. It also happens that the gray goes with the rest of my color scheme for my truck.

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Rifle Green for my dark gray metallic Tacoma. Install tomorrow.


Rifle green on my V2. Any color would have looked good on silver but the Fiance really liked the green so here we are. My truck is a hodgpoge anyway (Silver truck, Toyota MGM hood, Black Wheels, Red accents, green camper, yada yada).


I think that is a rad choice. Normally its white on white or black on white. Way to break the cycle!

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