What do you use to get a dog in and out of the truck bed?

One of the main reasons I’m getting rid of my traditional RTT for the GFC as our 75lb Golden Retriever is getting pretty difficult to carry up and down a ladder (especially after a few drinks). I need this dude to start pulling his own weight and get himself in and out of the truck.

I’m curious what everyone uses to get their dog up and down the tailgate when camping. I was planning on getting a small folding step stool for my wife and I, but it probably wouldn’t be big enough for the dog. Small on space and light on weight is preferred.

Yeah, I can see how a ladder would be tough. I wouldn’t try that with my pup because she gets squirmy.

She would like to jump up herself but at 11 years old she doesn’t have the vertical anymore. So I lift her (65 lbs) up to the tailgate. Then climb up myself and lift her upstairs if she is sleeping up there. It works pretty well.

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My dog jumps from fridge up into the camper. I had to use treats to teach her to jump on fridge and then up into the camper. It’s worked great for us to get our dog in and out.!


I like this, and think we can get him trained to do something similar. How do you get her in truck bed in the first place?

She jumps in the bed anytime I have the tailgate down. Here’s a pick of my fridge and the first camp trip with assuie when I had my fridge in truck.

I do heavy deadlifts. You just need to get more muscle bro. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Just kidding but it helps.

I built a ramp for our 14 yo pup using legs from a folding table and a piece of plywood. Then a friend had his dog pass away and gave us this ramp. It is light, compact and sturdy enough. I believe he said he got it at pet smart.