What insurance company do you have?

I’m trying I get my GFC insured thru my current carrier, and apparently they don’t cover my GFC for full value, just whatever make believe number the underwriter comes up with at the time of the claim.
So, I’m looking for another insurer. Whos got what, any recommendations ?

Thanks in advance

I have USAA. Not sure if you have access to them through the military, but they have been great. My camper is insured for full value as long as it’s attached to my insured truck. I bet depreciation will kick in though. I hope I never need to find out. When I called to have them add the GFC, they did and there was no premium increase.

Note: when I initially called there was some confusion about the word camper… Campers that are fully contained with their own floor are different. Our GFC is insured like a normal truck shell. No floor…



Allstate has been easy to deal with. They let me state value and no details needed. I have no idea if the state your in makes a difference. I’m colorado

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I have Allstate now, I’m in California, and I was told by my insurance agent that they don’t insure these shells. I’ll ask him to double check today, thank you

geico. i’m in california, they insure both the camper and any mod’s done to the truck

I have State farm in Ohio. My camper is covered under personal property with my home owner’s policy. My question was “if the truck burns down to the ground with the camper, and it was a total loss what would happen?”. The truck is covered under its own policy with a $$$ deductible and the camper is covered under home owner’s policy with separate $$$ deductible

a thread like this should have been started long ago and made sticky

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Allstate super easy to add it on for us only about $30 more a year

Thanks everyone! Turns out it was just my lazy agent. I called Allstate directly after hearing some of your responses, and they added it to my policy with only $70ish dollars increasing my premium for the year. Thanks to all of your responses, this I hope will be educational to those seeking to get their valuable GFC insured.

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The big thing is - is it covered for full value in a auto collision, and the same for theft or what have you. I don’t want depreciated value or whatever arbitrary number they come up with.

Uh, you have to ask. My experience is that insurance companies all promise big up front and consistently underdeliver when it comes time to pay out a claim. They make money by sucking at claim time. Depreciation is almost always a factor, I believe.


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I did. I posted the above as food for thought for those thinking of this