What is the t slot size?

I am purchasing t slot coverings to run some wiring just want to make sure I dont buy the wrong size. Any idea what it is? Looking at these.




Thanks I found out it is a 1/2 inch t slot. Bought the yellow and black from Grainger, only $4.89.

Nevermind fail. Still searching for the correct size t slot cover for the gfc!:man_facepalming: What series is the t slot?

Not 100% sure but I think it is their own size and not standard.

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Any luck finding a solution for this?

Any update here on the T-Slot dimensions? And ideally spacing between the T-slots?

Its their own size… You cant buy tnuts from any local place. Would need to order from GZila Designs, GFC, or manufacture your own


Right. But I was curious the center on center distance between the slots, and the depth of the slots.

These are my measurements off my V1. Think it is the same for V2 since the universal bracket works on both. Should be able to get center to center dimension from that.


Fantastic. Thank you.

Maybe this will help too. The nut sits a hair under the extrusion. This is the gzilla 10-32 nut.

Do we know what the spacing is for the top extrusion? I’m guessing, based on the assumption that the overall height of the top extrusion is the same as the bottom one, that the spacing is this (from top to bottom): .2575 (thin bar), .5025 (slot), .3755 (typical slot separating bar), .5025 (slot), 1.1355 (thick bar at the bottom). Total height = 2.7735".

GFC T-nut is a bit deeper and appears to stick out past the face of the extrusion.

The 1/4-20 nuts are a lot thicker than the 10-32 ones.

Hey I just saw your pits for the t-slot cover… I like the idea… is it possible to share a picture of the cover installed… thanks

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