What is your experience buying a used GFC?

I am looking to purchase a used GFC v2 camper in the coming weeks and I was wondering what experiences people have had with buying used?

One of my biggest concerns is that the warranty isn’t transferrable. Browsing the forums, I’ve seen a lot of issues (water intrusion update, zippers/tents delaminating, etc.) and it looks like GFC has been great about supporting the original owners to correct these issues. How are they with used owners, specifically ones that are still within the 2 year warranty period?

The last thing I want to do is pay nearly full price for a used one and then something like the zippers delaminate and I need to replace the tent out of pocket for $1000+ and need to disassemble a large portion of the camper to do so. While we’re on the topic, was the delaminating zippers/tent an issue for a specific build range, or is this an issue in general. It seems like quite a few people have had to replace their tent during ownership and this is one of the biggest things making me question is I really want to drop the money on a GFC.

The one I am looking at specifically has a mid-4000s build number and has the water intrusion update.

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I have a build in the 1600s it’s a V2 and have had no issues. I did a transfer through GFC and it is ow registered to me. I have not had any warranty needs with mine. I don’t use it daily like some but I do get out. It has seen as much rainy days as sunny and I haven’t had any issues that would not be expected from a tent camper. I would just look over the unit before purchasing. It sounds like you know the issues a d would be able to spot those prior to purchase.
Of course non of us can tell future but I assume GFC would be willing to help should you have issues. Just my two cents (those are Canadian so they may be worth less).

We bought #223 used. GFC still replaced the hinges even though we weren’t original owners. I think we did the ownership transfer also. It’s a V1 that came off a V1 Tacoma. We have a V2 Tacoma and had to buy different clamps to attach from what I remember. Otherwise, easy peasy! And like Cojo, we’ve used the GFC in sunny, rainy and frosty weather. Air it out whenever you can, especially if you get condensation. Or wipe out as much water as you can before closing it up.
Enjoy it!

I bought mine via the forum and had it swapped over at GFC HQ. In addition to uninstall and install they also redid the seals on the bottom of the camper too.

Prior to arriving at HQ the seller and I contacted GFC via email and worked out the details in an email chain and GFC registered it under my name now. That way I will still get the support I needed but just not the free warranty replacement parts (was told that I’d get charged for the parts) but given how much I paid for mine I don’t mind paying for replacement parts.

so TL; DR: make sure you do the swap at a GFC location and get ownership transferred, and you should be golden.

I got mine used, technically second owner. A quick email was all it took to get my warranty transferred and have been treated just as if I was the original owner

I bought a used V1 and GFC took care of an issue under warranty that I was fully prepared to pay for. I sent a service ticket asking what the cost of the part was, they replied asking what my address is and a few days later than parts showed up. I was clear that I was the second owner too.

I reached out to them directly and they made it clear that the warranty is only for the original owner and that any issues that I may encounter down the road, even within the first 2 years of the original purchase date, I would be responsible for paying for labor and materials.

Maybe it’s just my opinion, but I feel like manufacturer defects should be covered under the 2 year warranty regardless of whether it’s the original owner or not.

Things could have changed but like I mentioned GFC has always gone above n beyond for those with the product :love_you_gesture:t4:

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I bought mine used; technically 3rd owner but 2nd owner never used it and original owner was Xoverland (unit #1505). I didn’t have anything major happen but got the keedercord update, water intrusion update along with replacement latches without hassle.

GFC has always taken care of me and wouldnt worry about it being used. Plus the warranty IS transferable as far as I’m aware so you should be all set!

Can always have the original owner start a warranty claim or make a note if there is an issue so when you receive it, it’s already been identified and noted if it becomes a bigger problem.

If it’s a good deal, I’d go for it! Best of luck!

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Good to know! But if it hasn’t had any issues at this point, I don’t see why there would be any

i bought a V1 used over the summer and the seller was very upfront about any issues and had all GFC or TRU automotive receipts for any repairs or updates he had done. Have had it for about 8 months and spent 30-40 days in it so far with no issues.

honestly the most difficult part was getting it from one truck to the other…

I bought a topper (not the full camper) from someone on this forum. Super nice guy, even installed it for me when I got there. I absolutely don’t regret it, for me the topper is perfect. I had some issues with the locks and GFC sent me some new ones (for free). Used or new, I couldn’t recommend this company more.