What Rear hatch Ladder 5th Gen 4runner works best with RTT?

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What Ladders work best on a 5th Gen 4runner with the GFC 4Runner specific mounts?

I purchased my RTT in the fall, and after some use decided to add a rear hatch ladder. I ordered the Westcott designs ladder because it seemed like it may be stronger (better for my “large frame”) than some of the others on the market.

I went to put it on today and it does not fit with the RTT installed. It would mean the ladder hits the back of the tent and reduces the amount the tailgate can open. Anyone had better luck than me with a Westcott Ladder? Tent is on the GFC 4Runner Specific mounts, pushed all the way forward.

I had the Gobi ladder on mine when I had it. I think I may have slid the tent towards the front of the vehicle an inch or so to give the hatch a little clearance when open.

From the sounds of it, you’ll need to shft the RTT forward a bit to get full clearance. While a some additional overhang is unavoidable, that’s the only way to keep the ladder from impeding on the lift gate fully opening.

As you’ll see in our 5th Gen 4Runner install video, John is installing on a 5th Gen with a ladder already attached and clears things just fine. While this customer had a C4 Ladder, he explains things right around the 5:20 mark in the video for anyone curious.

Update - I was able to make this work. The guys at the shop moved the tent and there was no issue. I was surprised when they called me to tell me it wouldn’t fit, and they thought they had moved the tent as far forward as they could, but the guy they had working on it was not familiar with gfc - the shop owner stepped in and resolved it for me. There was plenty of room to move the tent.

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Thats a burly lookin bottle opener with a later attached.

Glad it all fit well.
Looks stellar!