What’s needed if buying a V2 second hand?

Looks like when I do purchase a GFC, it will be used. Is there anything recommended that I should get for a used install?

I think mainly just a new double bulb seal to lay down between the truck bed and the camper. That stuff gets compressed so probably good to replace.

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I suggest a quick chat with GFC support before committing with the seller. Even if you have the same/similar truck, there are a few OEM variations between the years and GFC will give you the confidence to move forward with the transfer.

For example, the panel differences of a V2 between a 2nd and 3rd generation Tacoma, the addition of a sharkfin antenna on a later model 2nd gen Tundra, etc.

Also, if you can get the transfer done at one of their locations, their work is guaranteed, they supply the proper bulb seal and is overall fairly inexpensive.

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I bought my V2 secondhand; if you haven’t already make sure you seal the bed or any areas you won’t be able to access once the camper is on. You will definitely want to purchase a bed seal and possibly a rear door panel seal depending on the condition of the one installed. Most importantly you will need some people to help. I had 3 people and I couldn’t see doing it with any less people. It’s not super heavy just SUPER awkward. If you have access to a crane, that’s even better