What’s some words of wisdom learned while camping?

If you’re anything like me, learning is part of the journey when adventuring. What’s some of those lessons/tips worth sharing?

No particular order:

  • Less is more. I ended up building a drawer system years ago and it limited my ability to use the bed for truck things other than camping.
  • Weight is the enemy.
  • Pre-cook meals at home, that way cooking on-site is easy.
  • Tacos are an easy crowd-pleaser. Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner.
  • Basic stove on a foldable table is way easier to clean than cooking on a fixed draw system.
  • Organization. Everything has it’s place and goes back to its place.
  • Checklist for what to bring and a list of what needs replacing.
  • My 17 year old Coleman stove is running as good as the day I bought it.
  • Fridge is one the best purchases I ever made. Putting ice in a thermist will stay frozen for 5+ days.
  • Rig everything down cause bombing down a fireroad is a sure way to be annoyed.



Less is, indeed, more. I completely agree.



always take more beer than you think you need?

nothing like driving in the dark through tight dirt tracks then find a store to restock at midnight

amen to the fridge


While staying light is key, bringing a little extra water and fuel can also save a supply run. Was just camping with Boy Scouts last weekend and used more water than we thought to put out the campfire. (No beer when on a Scout campout!).
I have the slide out stove/fridge (homemade), and it does limit other truck uses. I still enjoy the slide out, and was just noticing how much I need to clean it out!
Still loving my GFC.


-It’s ok to start camping with nothing or minimal gear.
-Communicate with your group and you can save time/effort/space/money.
–Plan/assign meals with your group.
–A group of five parties doesn’t need five kitchens.
-You can live without whatever you forgot. (Obviously if it’s life threatening aka cold weather gear, don’t be a dumbass)
-Know when to call it off.
-Learn basic first aid and have at minimum, a basic first aid kit.
-Be aware of your surroundings, know your exit and how/where to get help.
-Pick up your trash. (I note this because it’s the adults that trash our nice places)
-Lastly, if you’re not going to put your camp fire out, don’t start one.