What's up with new hinges

How will the universal awning brackets be effected? I have some aftermarket pieces I’ve had fabricated for my camper and I’m worried the new hinge will make them un useable?

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Ah, the bitter sweet joy of getting my (#850) sealant curing email… on August 7th. I SHALL GO FORTH IN THIS WORLD AS THE PROUD OWNER OF THE LAST CLASSIC HINGE. Tales will be told, songs will be sung.


Awesome news and a killer solution!

@GFC_Taylor Couple of questions about the new hinges.

  1. I see that you are offering free redesigned awning mounts that are compatible with the new hinge mounting, but have you taken into account any of the aftermarket options that are have been widely adopted by the community? I just took a look at my Kinsmen awning and it is mounted via the top and bottom utility tracks, thus potentially not being compatible with the new design. Is it possible to sandwich the hinge between other accessories that mount via the bottom utility t rack (it doesn’t look like it in the video)? I’ve already been bitten by the pull down handle/latch upgrade not being compatible with my kinsmen mounting, so I had to cut/file pieces to make it work.

  2. Proactive upgrades: I’m relatively local to Bozeman (live in Idaho) and would be willing to drive to GFC for the proactive install ASAP, especially because I have some Montana trips planned in the near future. How will GFC reach out to customers sequentially? Is there a estimated timeline? I’m relatively early on in the build numbers (80s), but would like it sooner rather than later.

  3. What is required in the install process? Can it be upgraded without removing the camper? I ask because I have solar and truck battery cabling into a house battery setup in my truck bed, while not super time consuming to remove it would be nice to leave it as is.

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When I paid for my camper before production even started, I had a good feeling about the company. Even after having some hiccups along the way, I still have high regards for GFC. Thanks for having our backs.


I’d rather address specific questions like this via email. Would you mind sending one over to support for me please?

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This is awesome.

Edit: I’ll ask my questions over email.


I’m moist!!! :sweat_drops::sweat_drops::sweat_drops::sweat_drops::sweat_drops:


I’ve got the universal/awning brackets for my awning that I’m finding to be essential. Do I need to get on a list for the new redesigned brackets?

Those new hinges look fantastic! I look forward to the PIT! Thanks GFC folks for the awesome support!

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When we schedule your upgrade we’ll ask about your brackets and get that squared away for you.


This is awesome. Huge props to the whole team for owning up to the issue and putting in the effort to provide something truly robust.

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A question will the hinges be able to be custom color match to our custom color panels? Thanks Chuck

Really awesome looking!!! So happy to see y’all come through with this. No issues with my camper now but would love to have these new hinges as soon as possible

For your viewing pleasure, the updated universal bracket:

Also, @crazyfingers these are anodized black and will not be color matchable. To be fair, neither were the previous hinges.


Any thoughts on water intrusion when open? I have heard the rivets drip when wet on the old hinge design, but I haven’t experienced it myself.

Also, double high five on the new hinge.

See my response to @mode7’s water question. TLDR: minimal rivets + adhesive = less drippies.

Sorry. At work. Didn’t read the whole thread yet.

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@MechEMike All good, me too :call_me_hand:

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I’m on the first edition of the awning brackets looks like I I will need replacement hinges when mine is done. #191 so I’m guessing it may be a bit before mine will get scheduled. No problems with mine so far so no rush.

Than you GFC for coming up with this new hinge design. Hopefully I can schedule this and a new tent at the same time so at least there is some $ in it for GFC.