Where are all the Chevys Silverados?

New 2023 Trail Boss looking for more Chevy Silverados rocking the GFC…
I mean it’s full sized but I know I’m not the only crazy mofo out here…

In Lynchburg, Va but would love to see any and all photos…
Just ordered my GFC and looking to pimp it out.

Photo from South Dakota. Located in Michigan. Congrats on the new truck, and great choice with the camper!


Depends on the day, but my Sierra and I can often be found in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Washington, Montana, Wyoming, Maine, Utah, Tennessee, North Carolina and who knows where the hell else I’ll show up.


how do you like those levelers? I’m getting sick of looking for rocks

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Love them (I also got tired of looking for rocks). I have 2 sets, they are the Lynx Levelers. Walmart has the blocks, but the wheel chocks I had to get from Amazon. They move between the GFC and the a-frame trailer, but are always with me when I’m on a trip now. GFC for lite’n’fast trips, as well as great protected storage when out with the trailer. Trailer is great for cold trips, or when visiting friends and family. Showing up with your own bedroom is good.


Good call on the levelers. Might be my first purchase once my topper shows up.
Thanks for the thought there!

Cool to see other Chevys. I’m a couple weeks away from ordering mine for my 8ft Chevy bed and I think I’ll be the first one with that setup.