Where does one purchase wire clips that fit on universal mount track?

I’m attempting to find where to buy clips that fit into the t-track (is that the name?) to keep wires tidy (wires coming from roof). This picture copied from another thread here & these are clips I’m hoping to find. I look on GoFast site under accessories but don’t see them listed.

You’ll need to get some 10-32 Tnuts from either GFC or Gzila then some wire clamps from the hardware store.

Ok, thanks. I think I see…the wire clamp is a standard wire clamp with a hole? This isn’t an integrated piece just for a t track type aluminum track.

Yeah exactly just a standard clamp with a hole.

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Those appear to be standard rubber coated wire clips (Amazon or local hardware) mounted with GFC T- Nuts ( GFC).

I bought mine at harbor freight… they’ve got big boxes of assorted sizes

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