White Glove Delivery Service: Share Your Experience

Finally took delivery of my GFC on November 23 way of the white glove delivery service. I’m a little late on sharing my experience with the white glove service and posting about dew to the holidays and going camping every weekend so here it is.

The Install only took about an hour and a half give or take. I want to give a big, big shout out to Tim for the white glove service I received.

Once I figured out I wouldn’t be able to make the drive out to get it I reached out to GFC about delivery. GFC told me Tim would be in touch with me as soon as he could. I heard from Tim within a day to make arrangements of delivery. Tim said once he hits the road he would be back in touch with me. Tim kept me up-to-date along the way to let me know when he would be in my area. Wish more companies had a delivery service like this!!
This guy is a traveling hard-working one-man show. For those of us that can’t make the trip to Montana the white glove service is our savior to get are GFC. Or unless you want to have it crated and shipped to you. I’m in Maryland so it would have taken me 63 hours to drive out and back. My over head would of been roughly $800 round trip. The money spent on the White Glove Delivery was well worth it to me not to have to drive out and there and take time off of work. Really wish I could have drove out, but it just wasn’t possible.

The GFC driver went to Indianapolis first then from there to Chattanooga Tennessee than to Fort Lee Virginia to me here in Maryland. He called me and said he was going to be in Fort Lee Virginia Sunday for an install at 8am and would be here in Maryland around 1:00pm to 1:30pm and he was spot on with his time. Being a truck driver and driving back-and-forth cross country you don’t get to eat too well. It’s always crappy fast food to go. There is no time to sit down in a restaurant because any spare time you have you’re trying to catch up on your sleeping time for your logbook. Knowing that I wanted to show Tim some Maryland hospitality and bring him lunch. I brought him a true Maryland crab cake for lunch.

One last thing I must add here. Once I put my deposit down I did nothing but watch videos of people with their GFC‘s like everyone has I’m sure. All those videos do not do the GFC any justice especially the sleeping platform area. When I was given the walk around the first thing I noticed was how much more room there was in the sleeping platform area. I definitely was not expecting there to be that much room up there. Figured it was going to be a clamshell tent with just enough space to sleep boy was I wrong! I’m here to tell you there is plenty of room more than what I was expecting from the videos I watched.

He was as very happy and grateful for his lunch as I was for receiving my camper. Thanks Tim for all your hard work and the end to others and mine long anticipation ending. Let’s also not forget about @GFC_Taylor and the GFC crew. I want to give thanks to Taylor and everyone else for all the great customer service I received through this process and to the folks that assembled the GFC. There were constant updates with keeping me informed with what’s going on with clear transparency. THANK A LOT GFC… Chuck build 957

To @Mike_GFCUSA ,
I haven’t forgot about you buddy. Like I said when you make it through or around Maryland there’s a crab cake with your name on it here also.


@crazyfingers I am stoked to meet up! Definitely love some crab and am set to leave as soon as I can to hit the east coast.

Also stoked you had a great WG experience, that is why we do it how we do it.


Awesome story dude thanks for sharing!! Congratulations and go enjoy!


@crazyfingers guess the crab cake sandwich didn’t do it. Thought it was a safe bet (I’m from Balt Annap area).

There’s good news and bad news about White Glove. First the bad, then the good.

BAD: Tim the driver left Go Fast and moved back east in late December. That means all of us East of the Mississippi awaiting our January delivery are delayed, somewhat indefinitely at this point. Go Fast is working to hire a new driver and get White Glove up and going again. Sucks for me as my camper was completed like a week-ish too late for the last Eastern run.

GOOD: The Go Fast team has been really good working with me trying to come up with the best delivery solution given the circumstances. Especially Mike. I’m in Lexington, KY. Having the camper this spring is going to impact my side hustles (fly fishing company, etc.). So I decided on a “soft” schedule on-site install in Billings, MT the first week of March. I also work in health care and have to be extra vigilant regarding the pandemic. I’m vaccinated (max immune response in one more week), and am planning ahead to mitigate risk along the way.

If Go Fast hires a driver in the interim, I will switch back to White Glove. If not, then me and the misses will make the best of 24ish driving hours. Would normally not mind the trip, but not the best season for it. Really not looking forward to I90 across SD that time of year.

If anybody has some beta on fly fishing Black Hills, etc. that time of year, I’d love to hear it. Same with bouldering. Also good places to stay - both hotel (on the way out) and camp (on the way back). Will have our pups along for the ride.


having done several road trips to Montana in the winter from Ohio, if there was a bad winter storm I’d recommend I-80 through Iowa and Nebraska because it gets more traffic. 4 days after a big storm December 2019 the misses and I were headed home and wrecked outside the town of Presho SD at 9PM -2 degrees and a window busted out with 2 scared dogs in the middle of nowhere. my wife hit the only street sign for 10 miles and totaled a brand new hyundai with 3200 miles. The sheriff, tow truck driver, and owners of the only hotel in Presho all said should have taken I-80 it gets more traffic and clears up quicker. that’s what we have done since and they were right.

https://www.crestcountryinn.com/ Great motel that welcomes dogs, even welcomed my pit bull and bull dog

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What is the timing on a WG service? About how long did you have to wait after learning your camper was complete to receive the camper? I’m down in Phoenix and am slated to drive up to MT in the next 2 months to pick mine up (Build #1145), but am considering WG just to save time on my end as well as avoid driving up to MT in the winter time.

Looks like a great service these guys provide, though I’m not surprised.

I’m build #1005. Camper was completed on 12/3. Been waiting for White Glove to Kentucky ever since. But, as I said above, there were extra issues with driver turnover, etc. Historically, I am told they made an eastern run about every 1-2mo. Getting pretty ancy at this point. Drive to Billings is 26ish hours. Really don’t want to do that.

New driver says his first run might be first week in March. Really hoping that run is East!!! All y’all in the Midwest/East tell Go Fast you want White Glove so we can get our campers!!!

Im looking at delivery from Tim on Feb 1st!
Sounds like maybe Tim was vacant but is now back at it? Maybe its another Tim…

Either way, 2 weeks - getting excited.