White glove service

Got the call today to schedule my camper install for end of March. I’m in East TN and wanted to know if anyone else is planning on the white glove service on the east coast

My camper was scheduled to be complete this month but I can’t travel right now. I’m in VA and on the list for delivery. Hoping they have an east coast run soon!


I am in NJ. When I spoke to John last week about my install, i asked this question. The next white glove run is going west/staying west of the rockies. So I would not expect them to come out until at least May or June (my install is April and was told they would be coming this way after my install).

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I’m camper 1005. Been ready since 12/3/2020. Prior to ordering, I asked about freight and white glove. Was told white glove runs on average every 2mo to the East. Was told to expect late January run from the prior white glove driver. Then he left. New driver told me late April depending on the number of campers. May/June as quoted above would be pretty bad. Last east coast run was 11/2020. That means we are approaching 6mo between runs. Options? GoFast has not been able to support freight to my area (KY). They don’t ID receiving facilities like other companies I’ve bought tents/campers from, and have not yet been able to give me info like approx crate weight/receiving logistics requirements so I can ID my own receiving facility. This more or less forces a 26h one way drive for install in MT. I know this is a fun trip for many, but for me it would be a huge cost with little benefit. GoFast can’t control all of the variables. But to be honest, I regret purchase at this point. Only hope is that enough of us out East can band together. We need 7-8 campers. Looks like we might have 4 so far here.

Yeah it seems like coming east won’t ever happen. I’m planning a trip out west end of May. If the camper can’t be delivered before that trip I’ll just pick it up