White rim trail anyone?

Anyone on here interested in taking a cruise on the white rim trail in Canyonlands next weekend? I’m going to be the support truck for a group of mtb’s but there’s space for one more vehicle on our permit.

We’ll be starting at the islands in the sky visitors center on Friday Nov 8th, camping on the trail on the 8th and 9th, then finishing the trail and heading back to SLC on the 10th. The trail isn’t anything crazy but it should be a fun couple days in the desert! Who’s in??


I wish I could but I’m in Ohio. We did the trail in two days last year and it was breathtaking. Can’t wait to go back and spend more time out there.
Have fun!

Ditto but not Ohio…PNW! Plenty of time off after this month coming possibly! Enjoy the trip!

Come on guys it wouldn’t be THAT far for a weekend :joy: @2ayne @Trudog

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