Who has color samples?

Since somebody ruined the leaderboard- not saying who- and i should be getting my color samples soon, who has received their samples in the last week? this GFC limbo is pushing my patience with this money burning a hole in my pocket… I suppose it will be worse after paying and waiting another 6 months

Here are the samples, the letter and the box that it was sent out in. Not much to it but hope it helps

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Kind of helps. It’s like downloading the mp3 vs owning the cd. I see #1210 is listed for sale and received samples a couple days ago. Hopefully next week for me then…

When do they give you the option to add the two tent windows/doors?

after you get the color samples then you set your truck, colors, options (windows and doors). after your build specs are created then you pay and wait some more. it’s all in the letter above

Color samples are just the start, you still have a lot of waiting ahead of you. Got my color samples last February and I just started assembly.

whoa that is wild?! Was it just covid that delayed you that long? It seems like most other people have about half of that wait time.

They told me it had to do with them having less xl builds and the way they batch the builds. Also, something about my tundra required the camper dimensions to be tweaked a little to clear the shark fin antenna.

anybody receive samples in the past week?

2 minutes after that last post, I get email confirming my address to ship samples


try a post asking if anybody got a completed camper in the past week–perhaps you’ll get the same outcome.


please keep your negativity to yourself. this isn’t tacoma world

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ha! re-reading my post, I can see that interpretation, but believe me, my intended tone was humor!

then again, I’ve been using my camper for a year, so I’m not subject to any background existential angst. :wink:


you are very sensitive, id recommend a trip to nature to relax


gotcha… So back on topic got my color samples today 11/7 #1229


Glad you are moving forward in the queue, it will be time to install before you know it.

My two cents: pay the extra for the tent side doors, 100% worth it.

all options all the time on everything is my motto

Epic…getting closer to me! Thanks for the update

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