Who is going to Overland Mountain West?

Just thought I would chime in and see who all is going to be at Overland Mountain West? My rig will be in the Backwoods Adventure Mods booth so make sure to drop by and say hey!

Sweet. I will be and will come say hi

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We will be there and keep an eye out!

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I’m planning to be there pending no last minute snags. I’ll be sportin’ my GFC tee! Even though my tacoma gets awesome gas mileage, I’m planning to drive my car… I could be persuaded if there happened to be a GFC meetup or something along those lines. I’d love to see other’s rigs in person. I’ll definitely drop in to say hi.


Awww man! I just realized that I’ll be at Overland West. That’s in Flagstaff, not in Colorado. Hopefully there will be a bunch of GFCers in Flag…


we will be there too!

Looking forward to the expo tomorrow. I’ll be the lady in a gfc shirt with two crazy little kids in tow, lol, say hi!

Side note but I’ve stopped posting in the “spotted” thread because I’m seeing so many GFC around town, assume due to expo. Sweet

Lucky, except at my install (and my own) I’ve never seen one in person.

@GFC_Collin Any chance I can get my hinges replaced at the show?

I’ll be around. @owennoll Great question!

@GFC Any chance there might be hinge replacement service at the expo?

@owennoll @MechEMike our PIT crew is on the road elsewhere, so unfortunately we won’t be doing any hinge repairs at the expo.

Shoot us an email at support@gfcengineering.com and we can connect you to the warranty department to discuss getting your hinges replaced.

Have fun at the show!