Who needs hinges in BC, Canada

It seems we have an indefinite border closure.

Who here in BC needs a hinge replacement? Maybe some of us can get together and do a small ‘DIY’ project. I’m guessing that if 2-3 of us worked together we could crank out a hinge replacement pretty quickly.

@Mike_GFCUSA said that some kind of a jig is needed. Perhaps we could get him to send us one with a pile of hinges and assorted bits? I would suggest that each of us prep our campers ahead of time, for example; remove panels, drill out rivets, remove assorted gear, etc. Then when we meet up we could make a process of: lifting extrusions from frame, removing hinge and seal, replacing seal, rebolting, aligning hinges, etc.

Again, if everyone is ready and we have 3-4 guys with defined tasks, it seems like we could get these done pretty quickly. I would suggest meeting on Friday and planning to work Fri evening, Sat, and Sun.

I go between Vancouver and Kamloops. I don’t have an indoor space to work. I have a ‘temporary garage’ shelter that would work in a pinch (Kamloops - Lac Le Jeune actually) but maybe someone has access to a larger more comfortable shop space?

@Mike_GFCUSA - what do you think? Is it something we could do if we have enough guys here?


So the inevitable happened. Curious with the borders closed again/still, if others in BC happened to have replaced theirs on their own?

I was counting the days until the borders opened on both sides to get this done before but unfortunately this decided to happen first.

There are a few of us who were allowed to do our own because of the border closures. I’m guessing GFC will send you some hinges if you ask nicely. It’s a bit of a pain but totally doable if you’re handy.

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Just a heads up, I might be able to help out getting some stuff up to BC. I’m scheduled for an install on Sept 11th, but as we already established that’s not happening. However, my Plan B is falling into place. I have a friend in Idaho who’s going to pick up my camper and meet me in the kootanays (only because it’s nicer there as opposed to Osoyoos)

So if we co-ordinate, maybe we can have @GFC put the orders in with my camper and then co-ordinate a meet up fo you all.




Thanks guys! I’m considering just temporarily putting the camper in storage until the border hopefully opens back up and head down thanksgiving weekend to get it repaired. I’m not too handy to do it myself and trust I did it the best it can be done.

Looking for some BC locals to help lift it off and store it in a garage. :wink:

Where you at in Bc? I’d help you if we’re close.

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Thanks! I’d appreciate that! I’m in the Lower Mainland in Maple Ridge.

I’m gone until the weekend. I’m in Vancouver - could help if needed.

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Little far for me, I’m in Williams lake :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha no worries! Thanks anyways for offering! :sweat_smile:

Thanks! I’ll send you a PM! :smiley: