Who’s Mounted a RocketBox to beef bars

Who’s mounted a RocketBox to Beef Bars? How did you do it?

Also interested in this :call_me_hand:

Interested as well. Judging by how little clearance there is between the bars and tent roof most claw like attachments won’t seem to fit.

I tried unsuccessfully. There is about half the clearance you need for the claws. The only think I can think of would be to remove the claws and do something custom with the beef bar inserts.

I did it with standard mounting claws. Worked great for me with no issues.


I have yet to get up there and actually try to attach it with the claws. Visually it doesn’t seem like there’s enough room. The box I’m using is a 10 year old + original rocket box. It has the slide under the rack and then clamp style claw not the pinch it style like the Thule pictured above.

I also have an old rocket box with the claws. I’m picking up my build in early March and have been wondering the same thing. i’m making custom U-bolts out of 1/4" all thread. not sure what type of protective coating i’ll use to protect the bottom and sides of the beef bar… maybe just wrap in duct tape for now?? if you use the slots in the bottom of the box that the claws attach to you’ll need to shim that space that the claw fills. I’m thinking i’ll drill new holes in a part of the box that sits flush on the beef bar and epoxy a strip of rubber to the box between the holes to dampen the impact between rocket box and beef bars.
does that all make sense. pretty simple to make and should work fine. thoughts?

Worked fine for me with a Thule box. There wasn’t a ton of clearance but it wasn’t touching the top of the GFC.

Inno shadow claws clamp the beef bars just fine. Tent doesn’t stay open though with ski gear for 2x adults and 2x kids.

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