Why are no RTT available?

Are you all just backed up due to high demand? I have been drooling for months but none available…looking for Platform Rooftop Tent for 5th Gen 4RUNNER

Don’t think they are for sale yet. I think they are still in the testing phase with real world situations. I could be wrong though.

He means the original GFC RTT not superlite. :slight_smile:

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snap! outfitters, At overland both stopped selling for now. I think it’s supply issue plus high demand issue. right now it’s difficult to get some things because of the stuff going on in the world

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Sorry about that wasn’t sure.

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They have a few other vendors they use to sell them new as well. I just got mine at Apex Overland. They had two in stock and I got one to put on my 4Runner. Give them a look as I think they have one more available. Tell Jillian or Josh (the owners) that Jonathan sent you! Happy hunting.