Why doesn't GFC serialize their units?

Why do we think they choose not to serialize their production units?

All other camper manufacturers typically provide a nameplate with a serial #. Would be super helpful for tracking and reselling. I’ve recently purchased a used unit and I’ve been told, “I think it’s #275 but who knows…”.


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This was brought up on another thread and @GFC said it was something that was on his short list in August of 2019…

Fast forward to March of 2020, we bumped the thread and @GFC_Taylor said it is something they are working on…

So hopefully it is in the works :slight_smile:

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Reptilian shadow government conspiracy.

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I think it would be a great idea for GFC. If they gave serial numbers one could go to the bank and get it financed. When I was looking into doing this every bank I went to told me without a serial number they could not give me financing for it. They could give me a personal loan, but the interest was ridiculous for a personal loan versus financing it.