Why doesn't GFC serialize their units?

Why do we think they choose not to serialize their production units?

All other camper manufacturers typically provide a nameplate with a serial #. Would be super helpful for tracking and reselling. I’ve recently purchased a used unit and I’ve been told, “I think it’s #275 but who knows…”.


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This was brought up on another thread and @GFC said it was something that was on his short list in August of 2019…

Fast forward to March of 2020, we bumped the thread and @GFC_Taylor said it is something they are working on…

So hopefully it is in the works :slight_smile:

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Reptilian shadow government conspiracy.


I think it would be a great idea for GFC. If they gave serial numbers one could go to the bank and get it financed. When I was looking into doing this every bank I went to told me without a serial number they could not give me financing for it. They could give me a personal loan, but the interest was ridiculous for a personal loan versus financing it.

Is this new? Dont belive I have an engraved number on mine anyone else? Saw this over on New Truck! GFC Camper Install, Carli Suspension, King Shocks, and More! - YouTube which is a great video with bts of GFC building the camper.

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Well, now I’m just jealous. Wonder if this was from the factory or the owner pulled that piece and engraved it.

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I picked up my camper a week ago and I don’t have this. Nor would I want it, at least not in this location.

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I told insurance my serial number was GFC1725…I have yet to engrave it :slight_smile:


All campers have a unit number. You can always shoot in an email, and we can look up your unit number for ya. We’ve got something in the works at HQ to laser engrave the unit number. Stay tuned!

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That’s for sure custom lol

@GFCJed will this show up on units before June? My install is first week in June.

@GFCJed is the unit number different than the build number? I’m 1725 for instance, always assumed that was the only unique identifier.

Can it be laser engraved on a plate or something that can be affixed to the camper retroactively for the customers that want/need one… I had a bit of a challenge getting mine insured because of this

No timeline as to when this will be implemented. But yes, it will be set up in such a way that existing customers can do this retroactively if they already received their camper.


My particular issue (and why I started this thread) was that I bought my camper used (I’m the 3rd or 4th owner) and I have no legitimate way to know what # camper I have since I’m told GFC just “has a spreadsheet with the original owner’s name/#” and I was supposed to like call and inform them of a purchase?

Anyway, none of the names I knew of matched any GFC owner list so I have no clue my unit #…

so… now who knows if it was stolen and now you own it

Yep, that’s the same number.

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