Will buy your superlite for 2k!

Looking to get a superlite by mid-March so I can have one it time for my spring break. Willing to pay 2k if it means I have it in time. Located in Bay Area, willing to travel north or south for it.

Which options are you looking for? i.e. mattress and/or ladder

Not to concerned about the options…do you have one that will be available by mid-March?

Precisely “Mid March”. And by precisely, I mean that is all the info I know so far. No specific date. Will talk to the wife about possibility of selling early. We have a camper coming in August anyway so the Superlite was just going to be short-term solution for us.

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shoot me an email at finleycronin415@gmail.com

AJ let me know if you still looking to unload your superlite.

I need to sell my April spot. MikeBBayer@gmail.com

Thanks for all the inquiries. I sold my April spot for the Superlite yesterday. Happy Camping to all.