Will it fit? F150 - Tundra

Hey guys, Looking at a friends GFC which is currently on his F150 with a 5.5’ bed. Will it fit on my Tundra 5.5’? it looks like it will would just like confirmation before starting the process.

Thank you in advance for your help.

I would park them side by side and measure length and width and also cab height from rails if all those were the same or really close you should be good. Just get 4 people and swap it over and see how it fits.

Even if the bed dimensions are close enough the mounting system is different. The Tundra uses the track system in the bed and F-150’s are a bed rail clamp.


So…I’ve got a F150 with a 5.5 ft box. Is he serious about selling? If yes, where is he located? I may be interested.