Will it fit in my Garage? Tacoma Heights with GFC

Hi there,
I’m new to the forum….I just purchased a 2022 Toyota Tacoma and I’m considering buying a GFC Camper but I’d like to make sure if I do that it will fit in my garage. I plan to also upgrade my suspension, rims, and tires. If it won’t fit, are there any other great options for possibly a canopy and a lightweight rooftop tent? Any suggestions or recommendations are greatly appreciated! Maybe some of you can share your setups with pictures!

Hello John,
That all depends on the height of your garage. The ideal situation would be to store your rig in a garage. The reality may be totally different from your expectation. I recently measured my GFC and it measured 9.5 inches above my cab. If you add the cross bars another 1.5 to 2 inches would be a close estimate of the total height on a stock truck.
I believe reading that you plan on modifying your suspension. The height of your vehicle will increase obviously. Add bigger tires and your rig height will increase again.
Just trying to keep it real.
I hope that helps.

As noted, it depends on your truck suspension and tire size. That said, I just measured mine again…2020 Tacoma…and it’s a bit under 9 inches from highest point on the cab to the top of the GFC V2. And yes, it thankfully fits in my garage. From what I understand, the GFCs have the lowest profile in their class of camper.

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