3rd gen Tacoma height

Hello all,

I was wondering if someone would be able to measure the height of the the camper from the cab to the top of the camper? I see on GFC site it says “7.5” taller than the high point of your roof is a good estimate of overall height."

Also the height of the camper from the bed to the top… Before I actually pull the trigger, i need to know if i will still fit in my garage. My garage is 6ft 11in.

I do have a 3 inch lift so this is why i am asking for the height measurements.

Thanks in advance

Its gonna be super close. I have the beef bars on mine and it barely clears a 7ft garage. Without beef bars, you have a better chance because they stick up about another 2-3 inches so you can probably clear it honestly

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I have a old man emu 3 inch lift on mine along with some heavy af springs in the back

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Yeah, I agree its going to be super close, which is why I was hoping someone would take those measurements for me… I need to confirm that before i purchase…

Thanks again for the response

No problem! I can go measure mine rn to give you a rough idea

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Ok so mine was 80" so roughly about 6’8 im running 33s and 3 inch lift so hope that helps

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My third gen had stock tires, a 2.5" ADS lift, and beef bars and it barely fit in my 6’ 11" garage. My driveway has a slight angle so it made it even closer. Once I upgraded to ~32" tires it no longer fit.

I have tacoma 3rd gen access cab. Looks approx:

  • 8" middle of cab to top
  • 9.5" side of cab to top
  • 29" top of tent from bed rail
  • 31.5" top off beef rack from bed rail
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My taco is on a +2.5” king suspension/ icons rxt leaf pack combo, I’m just under 7ft with my beef rack bars. Like just under, maybe 3/4” under. If I had to go over a speed bump it would contact.

Thanks everyone for the responses, they are very helpful

The side of cab picture looks to be 14 inches… is it because of the angle?

To help you decide if it will fit in your garage you might try putting a piece of 2 x 2 wood in each corner of the truck bed that extends exactly 29" above the bed rail. On each side run a string front to back between the top of the posts. Then pull in and out of your garage to check clearance. That’s how I determined mine should clear. I have 3/4" clearance. Really close. But it fits.

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What option did you install on your RXTs? I put mine at Option 3, and it barely squatted with the GFC. I’m now about 1/4” too high in getting my rear end into my garage…guess I need to add more mods (I.e. weight)!

I’m at option 3, but I carry a bunch of gear all the time, either for work or play. Mine hardly squats unless I fill it with all my work gears, then I lose 3/4”-1”


With stock suspension on 3rd gen Tacoma will I be under 6’7 with the camper? That’s the height of my building garage door.

Potentially…stock tires? I think it may still be tough at 6’7".

I have ~32" tires, Icon RXT leaf springs at Option 3 and a Decked system in my Tacoma. I am just under 7’ clearance…I know because my garage is 7’ and I barely fit.

Yes, stock tires on the taco. I have a feeling I will be 1-2 inches to high for clear

I’m on king 2.5s all around plus icon rxt leafs in option 3, and 265/75r16s on my Tacoma and I’m at 6’10” with beef bars

Does anyone have pictures of there builds with a lift and tires and a GFC? I’d like to see how tall they are in inches