Will it fit in my garage?

I have a garage with 7’ doors, the top of the garage door opening is approximately 30 inches above the bed rails on my unmodified 22 Tacoma with a 6’ bed. Not sure if the weight of the GFC will compress the springs.

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You’ll be fine (at least without any beef bars or anything on top). Here’s a quick measure from the bed rail on my ‘20 Tacoma.

Should fit. I have a 2nd gen but 3" lift and 33’s, I just barely fit into my 7’ garage (have to have it loaded with some gear to make it in, ha). I can’t do beef bars or anything else up top. So without the mods you should be good

I appreciate your effort, thank you

Excellent, thank you

I’m in the same boat with my 3rd gen and agree with @TearingOut55. Lifted with slightly smaller tires and I need about 200# (DECKED system did the trick) in my bed to get it to fit. Stock tacoma shouldn’t have any issues fitting in a 7’ garage.

I appreciate your help

I have 2012 tacoma 2.5" lift with 33’s. Have no problem getting in to 7’ garage. (My garage is entrance has a slight incline which is beneficial for entering). I have to give the garage door a solid push up before backing out or else it will catch. It’s not a daily driver so getting back out and realigning the door before closing isn’t that big of a hassle. Rather have it in the garage then exposed to the elements.

7’ 2" is my min clearance with an F150. It gets frustrating sometimes. Most new garages are now built with 8’ 2" standard, but the old ones are a very mixed bag. In Seattle it’s not uncommon to see most apartment buildings have a <7’ clearance.

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I have a 2019 tacoma on king 2.5s all around with icon rxt option 3 leaf springs, on 265/75 r16 tires, and beef bars on my gfc come up at 6’10” so youre gonna be fine even with a little lift.

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Does anyone have pictures of there Tacoma with a 2-3 inch lift and 33-34 inch tires pulling into there garage?