Will it fit in my garage?

I have a garage with 7’ doors, the top of the garage door opening is approximately 30 inches above the bed rails on my unmodified 22 Tacoma with a 6’ bed. Not sure if the weight of the GFC will compress the springs.

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You’ll be fine (at least without any beef bars or anything on top). Here’s a quick measure from the bed rail on my ‘20 Tacoma.

Should fit. I have a 2nd gen but 3" lift and 33’s, I just barely fit into my 7’ garage (have to have it loaded with some gear to make it in, ha). I can’t do beef bars or anything else up top. So without the mods you should be good

I appreciate your effort, thank you

Excellent, thank you

I’m in the same boat with my 3rd gen and agree with @TearingOut55. Lifted with slightly smaller tires and I need about 200# (DECKED system did the trick) in my bed to get it to fit. Stock tacoma shouldn’t have any issues fitting in a 7’ garage.

I appreciate your help

I have 2012 tacoma 2.5" lift with 33’s. Have no problem getting in to 7’ garage. (My garage is entrance has a slight incline which is beneficial for entering). I have to give the garage door a solid push up before backing out or else it will catch. It’s not a daily driver so getting back out and realigning the door before closing isn’t that big of a hassle. Rather have it in the garage then exposed to the elements.

Depends how tall your truck is. You can always air down :wink:


7’ 2" is my min clearance with an F150. It gets frustrating sometimes. Most new garages are now built with 8’ 2" standard, but the old ones are a very mixed bag. In Seattle it’s not uncommon to see most apartment buildings have a <7’ clearance.

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One GFC owner I know had to move a fire sprinkler and remove a leaf spring from a lift kit to get into his garage with .03" extra clearance - i suggested sand bags while in the garage.

dont forget if you have the rack or any solar or whatnot on top that is adding quite a bit of height if you are already within an inch or two.

I have a 2019 tacoma on king 2.5s all around with icon rxt option 3 leaf springs, on 265/75 r16 tires, and beef bars on my gfc come up at 6’10” so youre gonna be fine even with a little lift.

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Does anyone have pictures of there Tacoma with a 2-3 inch lift and 33-34 inch tires pulling into there garage?