Will the camper fit in 6’7 garage or parkades?

I see most parkades in my area with 6’7 or 6’8 clearance and not sure if I my truck will fit once my GFC is installed. It would be a major inconvenience if this was the case. My truck is a stock 2021 Tacoma trd off-road with no lift. I don’t plan any lift or changes to wheels/ tires in the future but may change the leaf spring to better support the constant weight.

I read somewhere that the total height might be 77” (6’4) which would be great. There’s other threads on this topic but finding it difficult to get a definitive answer.

You’re good. Fully stock gen3. Parking garage at work was that height and I was fine.

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I have a buddy with the same truck but he’s out of town. I’ll have him measure when he gets back unless someone beats me to it.

Make sure you are smarter than I am and take into consideration the height of the beef bars if you choose to go with that option. The beef bars kept me from fitting into a storage unit I had rented (and the original beef bar hardware made them virtually impossible to remove). GFC replaced the beef bar hardware so they are easier to remove now.

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Thanks, just discovered the place I’m moving to has a 6’7 garage

I’ll double check mine tomorrow. It’s a stock 22 TRD Off Road with no lift. I’ll measure with and without the beef bars.
I didn’t want to lift mine but with the GFC and a couple hundred pounds of gear constantly in the bed I no longer have any rake…so I think a beefier leaf pack is in my future in an attempt to get it back to where it was before the GFC and gear. Seems there is always another reason to open the wallet!

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Mine measures 6’ 4 1/2" to the top of the camper. It’s a stock 22 TRD Off Road. With the beef bars it is just under 6’7" and keep in mind that if you opt for the GFC solar tray (which I did) it ends up being just over 6’7" (the tray adds a little and the nuts add a little more). My rig is lower in the back (thus the need for a beefier leaf pack) so these are the measurements in the front. I probably have around 200+ in gear that I store most the time in the bed so with the GFC I probably have close to a 500# ‘load’. What got me in my storage unit is that the manager gave me the door opening size not the bottom of the roll up door (which is almost always lower than the size of the door opening) so you will probably okay in a parking garage… but really close or not fit in an actual garage.


Thanks appreciate you checking!

I’ve been in parking garages that have low hanging pipes/lights, or small rollovers/ramps in transition areas that mean you may no fit in a 6’8" clearance. I dont enter a garage with my GFC if the sign is <7 feet. I streetview new areas and try to see entrance signs before I visit now which is mildly inconvenient. Stock 2022 SR5 with DIY beefbars.

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