Winter Insulator

Landed most of the materials this week and just waiting on some final trim items to arrive.
Hoping to get the final sample ready sometime next week.
We decided to add some small hooks to the inside seam to hang additional lighting and to move the mesh pocket to the side seam to give more headspace.

Looking forward to getting these wrapped up.


Brilliant idea. Can’t wait to see these in action.

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I did add a waitlist link to my site ( in case anyone would like to get notified when we get the first batch launched.


I’m extremely interest for the future! I haven’t received my GCF yet as I’m still waiting for them to ship it. But this is Something I’ll want for next year. Will you be making them for GFC XL?


I have not really thought about it but if there are not a lot of pattern changes and there is interest, I am open to it.
The last bit of material arrived today and hope to find time to sew up the final sample over the weekend.

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Forgot I’m a XL camper size also


We can do it but I will just need to reach out for some dimensions when revising the patterns.

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No problem! Thanks

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Wrapped up the final insulator proto yesterday and was able to test it last night.
It held ~55° - 60° while it was about 18° out.
The camper packs down with the insulator installed but it does take more effort. It was easy if I left the rectangle bed pad in the truck bed.

I have enough materials to make 6 more of these and will add preorder inventory to my site. If there is interest in these, can make plans to stock these in small batches.

Also, if anyone is interested in a V2 XL version, send me a personal message. If you can share some dimensions, we can make that happen.


interested in a v1 setup

I am not sure this will fit on V1s. Do you know if the top inside edge has the track shown here?

I tried the 3M glue on brackets originally and they did not hold up well so these hooks in the tracks were the best solution I could sort out.

Let me know!

no tracks on the v1. would using velcro on the tent fabric be an option?

That’s awesome! I’m 100% sold on this and live just down the road from you (in Boulder). I could swing by sometime with my XL V2 (2020 Tundra CrewMax) if you’d like to take some measurements first-hand. I signed up for the email list on your website. Let me know what else I need to do. Thanks!

For sure, send me a PM and lets find a time to measure it!
Huge thanks.

It could work. There is a 3M product called VHB tape that would probably bond it to the ceiling.

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