Winter Insulator

Hi All,

We are wrapping up designs of a tent insulator for V2 GFCs and have purchased materials to make 8 initial units.
I want to connect with you all for any final insights/comments before we lock the design.
Right now, the tent insulator has an R Value of ~3.2.
The insulation is synthetic, hypoallergenic, compresses/rebounds well and retains it’s warmth even if it gets wet.
The insulated panels cover the roof, side walls and toe kick area. The length is slightly oversized to tuck in behind the cushions to create the best seal possible.
The top edge mounts on the interior track at the “ceiling” of the tent with a hook/cord system that collapses down with the tent. The bottom corners Velcro behind the cushions with a 3M adhesive Velcro patch.
The insulated panels have two way zippers at each window (front, side and small 1/4 panel windows) so it can be vented from the top or rolled away completely.
We added a small mesh pocket for phone, keys and essentials.
The wall color is a cool grey ripstop fabric (to remind you of how cold it is outside).
With the current features, brand name insulation, trusted fabric/hardware and made in the USA, the costing is not great at ~$660 for low volumes but hope to improve this if there is more interest.

I will share out some photos of the insulator and prototyping process in the next few weeks but wanted to gather thoughts and insights beforehand.

Thanks all,


I would be interested in this. My question is how is the insulation attached to the ceiling.

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Here are some photos of the current sample.
It is black so it is hard to see some details/get good photos.
The insulator has a cord that runs through webbing loops on each side. This cord hooks into some “T Nut” clips that we designed that lock into the upper track on the camper.


Thank you, looks great. BTW i am located in Colorado would love to see the prototype.

For sure. We are up in Longmont area and the new insulator should be wrapped up in a few weeks.
Send me a direct message and I can share contact info.

Is the insulation like tent material? Or is it thicker?

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The insulator has a 6.2 oz synthetic insulation (~5/8" thick when expanded) inside and a lightweight ripstop fabric on both sides (70 denier).

I live in Boulder and am highly interested in this. Any chance the tent will close with it installed?

Northern Minnesota here. I’d be very interested. I’ve got an 270 awning and walls to make a quick all in one ice fishing rig…this year is horrible, but we still have some winter left, perhaps.

with the overland softgoods foam top mattress and sheets the tent is already tricky to close, will this work with those when closing?

The current prototype will close with the tent but it does take some more effort than just the tent.
It is also only takes a few minutes to install by clipping into the top hooks if someone decides that is easier.

I wish we had wrapped up making these earlier but wanted to test it out before making more. There is still some winter left thankfully!

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It takes some more effort than just the tent but it can be done. It is also quick to install if that if easier.


Up here in Alaska I Would be very interested in this.

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70 yards of insulation shipped today. Hoping to wrap up final prototype asap and get the rest of the units made.


Interested in this before next Winter’s camping!

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Im interested for sure in getting an insulating kit for the camper!

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Also extremely interested!

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From Michigan That is awesome improvement I’m also very interested on this I’m waiting for mine it should be done this summer around July I’m very excited can’t wait thanks for the updates Joel D


Good work! Can’t wait to see the finished product.

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