Winter is coming, how you gonna insulate?

I lined all the panels with reflectix last year. If nothing else i think i reduced air gaps by having my reflectix panels overlap one another, but overall i could have used better insulation.

Is anyone else thinking about this for their GFC?

Any commercially available solutions coming? I love my rear window cover from @strawfoot, i would love a similar solution to keep the dogs a little warmer downstairs when it’s cold outside.

I’d skip the insulation and get a forced air furnace. Mine heats it up and keeps it as warm as you want even below zero.


After watching the Maintenance video, is putting insulation on the insides of the panels recommended (seeing how they don’t want to over stress the hinges)? :crazy_face:


I wouldn’t think your foam board weighs enough to cause a problem. At least I hope not, I am planning to use the same stuff on mine for this winter.

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If the hinges are too delicate to hold a few ounces of foam, that would be a major issue.


What furnace are you using?

The 5kw is definitely an overkill but it works very well. I built mine into a toolbox to make it portable with a cigarette plug or alligator clamps to hook up power.


There are a few really nice high quality insulations that I’ve used for camper vans. Thinsulate is one of the best and easiest to use. Ideally, Thinsulate against the aluminum panels with Low-E on the inside would work best, but would likely be too thick and/or heavy. They do make a thinner Thinsulate (SM400L) with black scrim in both sides. This would need to be installed with 3M Spray Adhesive and is relatively permanent. It wouldn’t have a finished look, but we could also sew seam tape along all the edges. My camper is in the “Components Produced” stage, so once I get mine, I will dive into the sewn accessories.

We could offer magnetic insulated covers for all the panels (premium Low-E) and they would be removable, much like the rear window cover/panel that we already sell. However, it might be cost prohibitive for some. They would look like our rear panels:


Yep, it’s awesome. I’ll set it up and get it running before getting the top popped up so that by the time the top is up and I’m ready to jump in it’s already blasting heat into the bed. It’s pretty awesome having warm, dry air when it’s a crappy wet day out.

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Any reason not to go for the all-in-one version?

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what is your thinking on price

For all three sides, it would likely be $725 + shipping.

Photos of setup by chance?

Everything stores inside the toolbox. I cut a large hole for the heater outlet, a small hole to pass the power and controller wires through and a smaller hole for the fuel pump line to pass through. The heater is mounted directly to the case with the air inlet and exhaust plumbed out the back. I would set it under the bed of my Tacoma and run the heated air up through the side bed cubby and the exhaust out from under the side.


Wow I kind of like that idea. I have a Little Buddy propane heater I use, but I hate leaving it on. Being able to take everything out of the bed is crucial for me, so a heater option like this might be perfect for what I’m looking for!