Wire coming out from metal frame

Hi, I’ve noticed this wire coming out only from one of the holes on the frame. Would anyone know its usage? I wouldn’t want to let water in although it’s a challenge to put it back in completely.
Thank you!

that looks like keder cord coming through. it is used to hold the lower edge of the tent in place

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+1 what TReitz said

open up the top a little and jiggle the tent fabric while pushing it back in. If I remember/ informed correctly, GFC started putting set screws to hold them in

Hey There- As the folks above already mentioned, this is your keder cord, and it’s what anchors the upper/lower tent fabric into place. We now use a fiberglass rods as it’s easier to install. We then add a “set screw” to close off the hole, thus preventing any future shifting.

While this isn’t catastrophic by any means, we want to get this this taken care of for ya. I’ve let our Service & Warranty Team know you’re having issues, but in the meantime, can you fill out our Service Request Form? This will get them all the info they need to get this taken care of for you.



Wanted to clarify…… instead of keder cords… you’re now using solid rods that are sized to the lengths of the 4 sides?

I’ll be replacing my tent in the spring so will these rods be available for purchase or can you let the GFC community know where to source said rods

This is also happening on my unit. I will send a service request as well.

@GFC I wanted to follow up on these fiberglass rods since I haven’t gotten a response yet on this thread

That is correct! We’ve made the switch to these and cover them under warranty. Best thing to do would be to click this link and send in a Service Request Form.

Service request sent…. Thank you!

Side note: might want to remove the red star next to photo uploads on the service request…. Not everyone needs to send a picture every time and my request doesn’t need one so I just sent in a random picture just to be able to submit