Wiring Question

Hey all, I am trying to power some lights and a fan. The easiest way is to connect a power source to the +/- pig tail that is pre-wired to the lights and. My issue is that I cannot figure out how to connect/allow my Goal Zero Sherpa to power it. Any suggestions on how to connect my Goal Zero to the pig tails?

I have my travel trailer running off a goal zero. I used one of these to get 12v out of the GZ and into the trailers wiring.

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Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I don’t think my Sherpa has the 6mm output. It seems the easiest/best solution may be to get rid of my Sherpa sigh

Ah sorry I didn’t realize the Sherpa was so different than the Yeti. May be challenging to get 12volt out of that without some kind of brain box changing the voltage.

Why not convert those pigtails to whatever input the goal zero sherpa has? Like USB. Converting them to a universal connector would allow any power source to be used.

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Won’t the 12v accessories have issues running on the 5v out of the usb? I have never tried anything like this so curious.

I don’t know what the power output of the Sherpa in question is. He has to adjust accordingly based on whatever accessories are used. Ultimately, planning around pigtails is not ideal. BUT if the power output of the sherpa is adequate, then yeah, convert to whatever that output connector is.

https://www.amazon.com/Blind-Spot-Power-Version-Trigger/dp/B0B4SWC8YK/ I would imagine that would work if your sherpa has a usb-c pd port. USB-c has a negotiation protocol that starts at 5v and negotiates up top 20v (why things charge so much faster now) That thing claims that it’s got enough smarts to tell your power supply to deliver 12v. Obviously you will need a female barrel on the light/fan side. Also assuming your lights/fan run off 12v, and you know how to solder.

Would something like this do the trick if I wire them suckers to a cigarette lighter?


send us a link to the goal zero sherpa that you have


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You have two usb-c pd ouputs: 5V-20V up to 3 amps, regulated.

You can use the following from the goal zero as @Really_not_fast suggested. Based on the description, it will provide 12V DC from any PD-compatible usbc.

The following at your lights and fan. The cable above comes with a 5.5mm x 2.1mm adapter.

If your devices are 5V, just use a regular USB-A connector and use your sherpas USB-A ports.

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What @LeSmurf is suggesting is exactly what I meant. I’ll just add that your cigarette lighter to usb thingy might work, but likely won’t be able to provide enough current depending on the lights/ fan you are running.