With much sadness, i need to sell spot 305

Life sucks at times, but there are reasons for everything they say… My loss will be someone’s gain, but getting my Thai wife, our son (and the dog) over here; refinancing the house (had to grow up and buy one last year) and COVID kicking things in the ass sure has changed things! Not sure how this works, highest bidder will get the spot. I ain’t a computer genius, so I don’t know how you’ll all know what the last/highest bid is - I assume replies to this post will be seen by all? If not, somebody get me up to speed so everyone see’s what I’m seeing. I guess the fair thing to do is to keep this open for a week? I assume that the spot will be able to build to whatever you want, but I have a 2017 Tacoma Access Cab if it’s got to stay the same.

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I am interested, is it spot 1305? Usually people pay the deposit and first response

email me at mharwood242@yahoo.com

No… Spot 305 as I wrote, one of the first. Was in Thailand many moons ago when I put in my deposit.

Ok, I’ll pay 500 to cover the initial deposit if you’re into that

Hi David, Sorry to hear that a GFC won’t be in your immediate future, hopefully someday soon.

@mharwood242 I currently have spot ~1450. I’m not sure if you’re on the waiting list. But I’d take yours if < 1450. I’m trying to advance my install date for a 2021 family vacation. :slight_smile: Thanks,

You’re first up for 500 Sir! Gotta keep this up for a week - assume being 305, it’ll get in the assembly line as soon as GFC gets their funds! Thanks!!

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Thanks brother, really sucks… Just can’t make it happen at this time (nor for the last year! LOL!!). Hope you can move up in line, good luck. /r

I have reservation spot 1525, so you probably don’t want mine :slight_smile:

Being that they have produced beyond spot 700 at this point and you have essentially fore fitted your position in line… have you confirmed with the GFC guys that having spot 305 allows you to jump in the front of the line?

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Hmm… I reckon I’ll have to ask! Thanks!!

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Sent you a Personal Message @davidwreid

Sent you a Message also

Yeah I was once told by GFC over the phone that if folks don’t pay in full when payment is due or at the very least communicate with them about needing extra time to pay, they won’t be including you in the batch it’s supposed to go in. That would be interesting if they do though. Good luck man, cheers!

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I’ve kept in touch with them, never been told I’d lose my place in line, but waiting on a reply to my email make sure! Thx!

I bought an older spot last year and moved into the front of the line because the spot I bought was several hundred spots ahead of where they were at the time.

Yep, got off the phone with 'em a little while ago. I didn’t lose my spot, so this will be a quick build - and it will be built to whatever someone wants. YAHOO!!

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I’m interested for sure!

@davidwreid I will buy it now! 920-8832735

I’ll pay $1000. Sorry if this has already been answered but when would delivery be?