WTB 2nd gen tacoma camper 6ft bed CA

Looking for a v2 or v1 camper for a 2nd gen long bed tacoma anywhere in/near CA. Will drive to you. Worth a shot before i pull the trigger on a new one.

Hey, @AaronBlume I’m in the bay area and have a v1 that I’ve been considering selling. One of the last v1’s that was made I think. Gray space frame and includes ladder and fitted sheets.

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@milesw Hey,
Rad I’m living in San Francisco at the moment. Where are you? I’d be in to come take a look at it sometime.


Hey Folks - Great to see the marketplace is making for quick connections, that’s really rad! However, when it comes to more sensitive info like cell numbers, please send a personal message.

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Would this GCF fit on 1st gen Tacoma w/ extracab (2000)? @milesw I have a gen1 Taco and would love to purchase if 1) it doesn’t work out with Aaron and 2) will fit a Gen1 taco. I’m based in Oakland.

Let me know your thoughts!

Thanks, Adi

Bump. Looking for a V2!

Hey is this still for sale? Ill shoot you a private message with my phone number.