WTB - 3D printed rear support braces for gas struts

I need some of these made well. Mine failed.

Seems that others would have the need to keep their rear panels open while driving. The scenario for me are bikes in the back.

Putting this out there in case anyone wants to make some 3d printed ones. I would be first in line to order.


I might be able to help you with this, but I’d first want to know how/why your PVC units failed. 3D printing really has to be done well to exceed the strength of a commercial plastic extrusion like pipe.

Fair question, and to be honest I didn’t know that about the 3D-printed plastic. Background: I used swing-pipe which was easier to cut. Doesn’t have the strength of PVC, but I thought it might be easier to snap on, unfortunately, it is too soft to work well. As the wind pushed down it caused the blue swing pipe to open up and push off the bottom end.

I put this out of my mind until I took a bunch of bikes up in the hills this past weekend and had the back panel up. I can make it with PVC as described in the other thread, but if it was a widely needed request, figured the community might want to pick it up for a slick-designed and printed version. If this is a one-off thing, I can revert to the PVC version.

It would be a one-off for me (and a print of this size would mean running the printer for ~2h per part). Usually takes a couple of tries to get things right. I think it might be worth trying the PVC first.

In general I’m interested in helping out with stuff like this - but particularly when there’s no better option. Keep me informed on how it goes with the PVC.

I think you might be better off with some of these VASTOOLS Lift Support Clamp. For Hoods, Tailgates and Trunks with up to Dia.14mm shaft. Thick Metal Clamp, Set of 2, VASTOOLS https://a.co/d/54YJYah

Or something similar.

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