WTB: Beef Rack T-Nuts

It’s a long shot but does anyone have the larger T-Nuts that’ll work with the beef rack? I need a few to install the axia alloy maxtrax mounts to the rack.

Thanks in advance!

did you email GFC? i was able to purchase some of the larger t nuts off them for my awniing mount project. it took a few weeks since they didn’t have any in stock and need to manufacture more, but i got some directly from them.

Did you order the 1/4-20 nuts from them? Because the Leitner only has 2 mounting holes per mount?


I did reach out to one of their employees, but due to the COVID-19 closure, they won’t be able to ship some any time soon. :frowning:

I honestly don’t know the size I have previously ordered and have in stock, but they’re the smaller version which they use for the antennae/light mounts. They’re too small to use with the Axia Maxtrax mounts, and the Beef rack if I recall correctly.

yes i ordered their 1/4-20 t-nuts. i wanted to beef up the mount so i got the larger t-nut option. it’s very stout actually, stouter than i expected. I was expecting i’d have to add some additional support, but i think it’ll hold up just fine.

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the 1/4-20 is what they use for their awning mounts too

Does anyone else sell these T nuts besides GFC?

Hello check you Greg’s site for what you seek…