WTB beef racks or other mounting brackets

Looking to buy second hand beef racks or other mounting brackets for cross bars (e.g. Yakima round bars). V2 platform camper, standard width. Will pay shipping to Salt Lake City.

I looked everywhere for them… could not find any so I just went ahead and ordered them from AL Offroad… a bit cheaper and a little more low -profile than GFC’s

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Is AL Offroad’s wumbo crossbar compatible with V2 campers? I noticed a change on their website to add in V1 to the product description.

I made some of my own using 8020 brackets and a $40 drill press

currently, they’re not… I modified a set of V1 brackets to fit on my V2… they’re supposed to develop a different bracket for us V2 owners but I have no idea when that’ll be.

Today I talked with Scott at AL Offroad today and he said they’re a couple weeks out from having the V2 bracket for me.

In production right now. GFC V2 brackets.


We are also working on side mount awning brackets. These will mount to the slots of the GFC, Rack or wedge tents.

Is this for the V1 or the V2?

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Correct, my mistake.

Hi @ALoffroad ,
Any chance these will work at the back of a V2?
I’d like to mount my Shadyboy awning off the rear to cover the tailgate area.
GFC brackets appear to require a shim (at the least, and maybe a trim) and the Lietner brackets don’t appear to be as close fitting as I would like.


Wow, @Reggie, please post pics of your setup if you get this going. A Shadyboy off the back sounds perfect for how we use our GFC. @Trout first got me turned on to Shadyboy awnings with their Jeep Gladiator setup.

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They do fit on the back between the locks, but if I remember correctly they might need to be shimmed out a bit. Was a while ago when I checked so I don’t remember positively. Mine is on the passenger side but I almost put it on the back.

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I’ll update if I get it figured out.

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That’s great to hear.
When you were test fitting were you using the GFC brackets?
And on a V2?

Exactly, GFC brackets and V2.

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I will have to make a shim plate like the crossbars

Thanks for the update! Could you ship with heavily zinc-ed fasteners to prevent galvanic corrosion?

@ALoffroad … Hello, Any updates on the V2 brackets for the Wumbo Bars? I have the V1 modified to fit my V2 ( We’ve spoken on facebook and on other forums)


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I should have the bracket for the V2 on Dec. 17th from the powder coater. I will get them out to you as soon as they come in.

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