WTB build spot or used unit for Raptor

Howdy! Do you have a 2020 build spot that you’d like to sell? Or maybe you have a used unit for a Ford F-150 Raptor that you want to off load? Please reply here or send me a direct message, I will respond ASAP.

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I am picking mine up in June—can’t wait! :slight_smile:

My understanding is that any 2004-2020 5.5ft Ford F-150 GFC XL platform will work on the Raptor. GFC told me the camper would work on my Gen 1 and/or Gen 2 Raptor. In other words, it doesn’t have to be Raptor specific since the F150 has the same bed. Hope this helps!

Thank you! That is my understanding as well. Enjoy your new GFC and make sure to let me know if you need to re-home it :wink:.

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No longer needed. I have purchased a spot.

Just saw your most recent post. Bummer. Been thinking of selling my GFC for my raptor.

@dbortz could always sell his spot. You got any pictures of your set up? I haven’t seen many Raptors with one besides GFC’s Raptor.

I didn’t do a build out or anything. I still use the truck as a truck too. Most of my things are in bins I grab when we go out.

Are you still interested in selling? I’m looking for one as well.

hi - Do you have a camper for sale that fits the raptor? Greg

Decided to hang onto it for now

Let me know if you change your mind!