WTB: Camper for DCSB 3rd Gen Tacoma - Ohio/Midwest

Howdy GFC community,

Just bought a new '23 Tacoma with a double cab and short bed. Interested in just about any setup and wanted to see if there were any used options within a few hours of Ohio. Thinking about placing an order for a build next summer before the price increase if not. Previously had a GFC on a gladiator and excited to come back for round 2!


Just listed mine in Chattanooga TN. About 5 hrs from Cincy. I grew up in Columbus.Call me if interested 423-364-5426

May shift from a Tacoma to a 4Runner, if I do my SBDC Tacoma V1 camper may be avai if you’re still looking…located NW of Philadelphia

Keep me posted. I’d definitely be interested! I missed out on @Chattachef’s camper before it sold and I am still looking.

Will do!

Updated V1.5 tent, have the glass (not complete panels) for cab & tailgate panels, awning brackets x3, beef bars x3 and ladder.

I have one available in Missoula MT. Little bit of a drive for ya though!