WTB Camper for Short Bed Gen 3 Tacoma, MT

Located in Missoula, MT. Willing to drive around the area. Looking for camper for short bed Gen 3 Tacoma. Please let me know what you have!

Hey there, I’ve got a v1 with upgraded hinges by GFC. Excellent condition, gray fabric, led lights above and below. I’m just now considering selling and was going to make a post. But figured I’d peruse the WTB section first.

Hey Tyler! Thanks for reaching out. Where are you located and what are you looking to get for it? Thank you!


Boulder, CO. I’d like to get $6500. It seems to be the average they’re selling for. I could drive a few hours to help out but would ask for gas money. Of course you could just come all the way here and use your new GFC on the way back.

@tstone9 I am located in Broomfield, CO and I am interested if @Kayderade isn’t looking to make the trip. Feel free to email me: cwriley55@gmail.com

Hey Tyler, is this still available? If so, I’m interested (and only a few hours away)!