WTB: Driver-side Freestanding 270 Awning

I know this may be a stretch, but I can be patient. Looking primarily for an Alucab (with that rear corner bracket is a bonus) or a Kinsmen. Would consider passenger side but my build out really caters towards the drivers. I’ve got a V2 camper. Located in SoCal but may be road tripping to CO this late Fall…

I’ve got a like new passenger side Alu-cab listed in the classifieds.

If the V1 mounts don’t work for you I’ll knock 100 bucks off.

I’m surprised no one has jumped on this. It’s literally like new.

I think I saw yours, you’re a bit far north from me though. I’d end up spending another $1000 in gas to get there. I can’t imagine shipping would be that worth while either.

It’s a pretty trip!

I can get it to Seattle no problem.

I doubt shipping is all that bad - although rates have gone up.

I might hold out a bit and see if a driver side one pops up, I’ll keep an eye on your other post though. I need to do my research on the bracket compatibility too.

If you buy a passenger side Alucab and want some walls I have a set I’d ship out for cheap.

@Dukefan22 that was on my long term purchase list… I’ll keep that in mind.

If i end up using the awning again - I’ll be contacting you!

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Just let me know id do like 750 shipped for them. For pics check out my listings in the marketplace