WTB f150 camper v2 or v1 ( with upgraded hinges)

Located in FL but willing to travel. I have a 2021 f150 short bed

I have a 6.5ft bed v1 email if ya interested earljh9311@gmail.com

Are you still interested in a camper? I have a V2 on my 2016 F-150 I am looking to sell.

V2 camper doesn’t fit a Gen 1 Raptor, but thanks anyways👆🏽

I have a V1 Camper In Maine IF you want to make the trip. Shoot me a mssg if you are still looking.

Hey Skidad, sure do appreciate you reaching out….if the pics look good, the price is right, and you can promise to help this disabled vet install that puppy on my pick up, then I’ll make the trip. You can text the pics to me directly at 949-510-4832. Thank you kindly

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I think you’re commenting on the wrong post here lol