WTB: GFC bed clamps for first gen tacoma

Does anyone have any clamps for attaching a V1 camper for a first gen tacoma? If so let please PM me. The seller of the camper has it on a third gen so the clamps won’t work for my old truck. If anyone knows of a good way to mod the new clamps for a first gen please let me know.

I have these clamps that were sent to me by RSI. They shipped me the wrong clamps so I don’t have a need for them (Tacoma clamps, I needed Chevy clamps). Don’t know if they are compatible.

So, GFC confirmed the 3rd Gen V1 fits? I know you asked about the V2 and they said no.

I have been told the V1 camper fits all three generations of tacoma.

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I have a full set of the two piece clamps from GFC that fit up under the side of the bed, if I can find them in my garage. I bought my V1 from a 1st gen Tacoma for my 2nd gen truck.

Yeah, the V1 should be able to fit all generations of tacomas, which is nice as I’ll likely need a new truck in the next couple years (just hit 213K).


BArm, that would be great if you could find them. I think i have a short term fix for using the third gen attachments for my truck but the real clamps would be nice.

Speaking of which. Does anyone know the diameter of this hole? Should be the same diameter of the screw that fits into the bed rail sliders.

Found them. Have the 4 sets of the billet aluminum pieces. You would still need the black pieces from your pic to go between these and GFC frame feet.

No way! Sent you a message.

I think they are a 5/16" bolt. Not 100% sure though.

Hi there, we do have some, but they’re in CO. We’re in UT until April, maybe a bit sooner. Where are you in the world? Happy trails, Tina

Hey Tina, BArm hooked me up with 4. I might be into having more though. Let me know when you’re back in CO. I’m in Las Vegas.

Will do. Glad ya found some to get ya goin!