WTB- GFC camper for 2010 ford f150 raptor

PLEASE HELP US! We’re hoping we could enlist the help of some community members who know they’re way around here far better than we do to help us locate a used GFC Camper for our 2010 Ford F-150 Raptor. Without going into to much detail my husband is disabled and needs to spend time up north for medical but we cannot afford to keep putting him in a hotel so we could use a helping hand, and am willing to help you for helping us by sending $100 to the person who helps play matchmaker and helps find the right used camper for our family. Thank you so so so very much in advance for your willingness to help us in our time of need. Merry Christmas

Are you still looking for a gfc camper for your truck?

Hi, Yes as a matter of fact I am……I’ve just been waiting for the right camper at the right price to come along……what’ve ya got?

2013 f150 shortbed.
Black panel.
Window front and rear.
Stone tent.

Sounds like a good fit….what’s your location, and would you mind shooting me a few pics? Thanks

I can get pics by tomorrow.
Forgot to mention has all three sides doors/windows.
I’m in California.

Do you travel much because I’m in GA, so I’d have to meet you at a installation shop east of the Mississippi…

Ohh. Sorry.
That does not work for me. That would be 4+days.
Let me know if you are able to travel farther west.

The price would have to be worth the long trip so what’s the rock bottom best you can do on it?

I am not in a position where I have to sell it. So I am not going to get A rock bottom amount.
If you would like to make a reasonable offer maybe we can go from there but otherwise I will have to pass.

I hearya, used ones at a reasonable price point are going for 5k so given that I’m 3k miles away the best o could offer you is $4500