Wtb gfc camper for 2017 tundra 5.5 bed

Looking for a gfc camper for my tundra w/ a 5.5ft bed.

Located in Northern California. Please let me know! Thanks

Selling a V2 currently mounted to a 2018 CM. Tent was installed in Boze-Angeles in May '22.

If you can please send pictures! You can send it to my email at gijoeumali707@yahoo.com. I’m interested in checking it out!

Pics are rough, sorry. I’ll take better ones when i officially list it.

Two doors, no windows; good condition overall. Trail rash in a couple spots. 250w solar wired into the bed through front wall. Roof wrapped in black multi-cam. Mantis claw ladder included. Overland soft goods 1” mattress topper and blue flannel sheets also included.

Beef bars x3 available for additional cost. Listing for…$8500?

Hmmm, it seems I’m posting publicly and not in DM. Apologies.