WTB GFC Camper For Chevy Colorado 6ft Bed in Nor Cal / Oregon

I live in Eureka, CA, a long ways from everything.
I don’t generally have enough time away from work to make a “quick” trip to Montana.
If someone between Santa Cruz and Portland ever has a GFC Camper for the Chevy Colorado 6ft bed they’d like to sell, let me know.

At least search the Marketplace… This post is only 8 days old.

Sorry mine has already sold

Yup that one already sold.

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@steamdonkey someone on the GFC Facebook group posted their long bed GFC. Told him to post it here.

I have one that’ll work for ya. Listed it on fb group yesterday. I’m all the way up in Bellingham though. Just an additional 5 hours round trip. I can be reached at 360.201.3809

@Aaronloffler still available? If so I’m local.

Yes it’s available. Haven’t worked too hard to sell it.

Just bumping this up if that works on here.
Still looking.

I have a 6’ V1 w upgraded hinges (# 120 plus or minus) —currently on a 2021 colorado that would be available later in the summer–possibly sept.—$6000
If interested let me know–located in Mariposa


Aaron - I know this is a long shot with how old this is, but is this still available? Cheers.

Maybe reviving a dead thread, but I have a 6ft bed 2020 Colorado with a camper I am thinking of listing. Reach out if anyone is still interested.

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