WTB: GFC Camper Gen 3 Tacoma 6ft Bed


I am on the lookout for a GFC V2 for my 2017 Toyota Tacoma with a 6 ft bed. I’m located in Boise, Idaho. I’m more than willing to embark on a road trip for the right price to MT,OR, UT, NV, or WA .

Ideally it would be a newer GFC camper but I am open to any campers open to being sold.
Thank you!

I have a V1 for 6’ tacoma bed–located in cent. calif—$6k

Thank you for reaching out. However, I am looking for something alittle closer to my location if possible.

no worries–thanks

I’m North of Seattle. I’ve had it for a little less than a year.

Hello, thank you for reaching out but I need to close this thread as I have already found something for my truck. Sorry for the inconvenience.

How much are you looking the sell the camper? Thanks

Sorry, sold it earlier today

do you want to buy one?I have one

You have a 3rd gen tacoma longbed gfc?