WTB - GFC Camper XL 2021 build spot or a used GFC Camper XL V2

Hey everyone, Looking to purchase a build spot for a late 2021 XL Camper. Also willing to buy a used XL v2 Camper that was built for an F150.


I have build spot 2298 for sale, $800 OBO. GFC is asking for options to be selected and invoice paid. Should be done by mid November and I’m pretty sure you can upgrade this spot to an XL but you’d need to contact GFC to confirm. Cheers!

I’ll contact GFC and see if it can upgraded to XL!

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Sounds good. Likely won’t hear back til Monday or Tuesday, but I wouldn’t want to do the transfer until then anyway. Having been in the buyer position a couple times, its no fun to send a stranger money and then have to wait several days for GFC to confirm the transfer, haha.

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