WTB- GFC for 2019 Tundra - Crewmax 5.5ft bed

Looking to purchase a GFC for my 2019 Toyota Tundra Crewmax 5.5ft bed

Flexible on color.

Located in Tennessee and have cash in hand.

Feel free to email me @ bbrandon2013@gmail.com



I saw one posted on Expedition Portal the other day. I think the owner is in NC:

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NICE find! Thank you!!

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You owe me dinner :slight_smile:

Lol fine. Looks like he is trying to recoop every single penny he spent + some… so it may be worth waiting for my own…

Lol I didn’t pay attention to the price. But the front and rear window is $400, extra side entry on the tent is $525, and the cross bar racks are $87.50 times 4. The XL camper with no options is $6950. You also got to factor in how close he is to you. Driving out to Montana to have it installed, or having the camper delivered to you will cost hundreds of dollars if not $1k plus. These campers essentially don’t depreciate given the long wait times.

Oh it totally makes sense. I can’t fault him for trying to recoup every cent he paid for it as it’s probably worth it but I offered him 8% less than his asking price and to pick it up Sunday and he said no. Feel like a cash offer shouod be hard to pass up but what do I know

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Cash? No one uses cash anymore, so that’s your problem. Lol he was probably afraid it had COVID on it :joy:

Yea, it’s a tough call. It would be hard for me to wait six months to get a camper if I could buy one ASAP from a guy that is not too far from me. I live in Florida, so this is the perfect time to travel/camp across the Southeast with the cooler weather. As you know, the summers in the south make it nearly unbearable to be out camping. Then again, the new hinge design for the campers are sweet and near bulletproof, so I would be inclined to just order one directly from GFC. Decisions decisions…

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Lmao. Venmo**** and I’m only 30 :joy::joy: regardless…Money in hand abs ready to buy.

And oh I know. I’m born and raised in TN. Me and my GF have been spending September / October road tripping / working remotely out west for the past few years and I’ve been dying to add this to my tundra.

Can you educate me on the new hinges that would come on a newer one vs this one for sale that was just delivered in August?

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Yea, so GFC moved to a new hinge design this summer:

With the old hinge design a small percentage of them failed. With the new embassy hinge, you don’t have to worry about anything failing as it is near bulletproof! With that said, all the campers with the older hinge are under warranty, so if anything happens then GFC will get you the new hinge design.

This is a long thread, but it goes through all the details: What's up with new hinges

Given that the used camper would still be covered under warranty, I wouldn’t be afraid of buying it. On one of your trips out west, you could get it switched over to the new hinge design.

Lol now you owe me dinner and breakfast :grin:


Got it. Thanks again for all of your help. Seems like a win / win regardless of the direction I take.

Hope you like eggs and ramen!!!

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Still looking for one if anyone out there is inclined =)

Still looking for a Tundra 5/5 ft bed

if you had purchased a spot back when you originally posted this, you would have had yours by now. if you purchase now, estimated install date is Feb 2022. you can always purchase a spot from someone to get it sooner as well.

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Valid point! GFC isn’t doing deliveries and I am in Utah and CO for the nest 4 weeks for work. There is a larger market for used GFC products on the west coast and just hoping to get lucky.