WTB: GFC for 23 DCLB tacoma. Trade for leer 180 and $$

Looking to trade my leer 180 super white very new topper and cash for gfc. I love the topper and it’s got all the upgrades but just looking to have a little more room for my family and I. Topper has windoors, carpeted headliner, sliding windows, folding front window, Thule tracks, sherpa universal load bars. Excellent conditions and almost new. Will also sell bajarack if buyer is interested. Located in Long Beach, CA.

Hey I’m just about to post my GFC installed 12/2021. I’d be open to trading plus cash. I’m in Spokane, WA. Willing to meet at a GFC or somewhere good for both of us. Let me know. Thanks, Greg.

Hey Greg much appreciated in the interest. I’m definitely interested even though we’re a state or two apart. Is yours a V1 or v2? Just wondering does it have a rear window? My number is 310-508–1012.